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Saint Brigid's Cross

The making of Saint Brigid's Cross is an Irish tradition which has been carried out for centuries. The Cross pictured below is hand crafted in Ireland from rushes grown locally. (cross size:- aprox. 6 inches)
Cost $19 each including postage and packing

Saint Brigid's Cross

The weaving of St. Brigid's Cross has been in our family for 3 generations. These are made from carefully chosen and harvested rushes from the rivers and lakes of Ireland. The professional result is achieved from generations of craftsmanship and experience. The Cross is dried, preserved and carded and will keep in a dry House where it is normally hung over the door. Some people associate it with the Celtic Cross.

It is available by
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Mail order by sending an email stating how many you want and we will organise it from there. (Cost $19 each including postage and packing). Good luck from Ireland! -

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The Story on the card reads:
A Lovely Irish custom many centuries old, still practised in most parts of our country, is that of making St. Brigid's Cross. The Cross is made from rushes, straw or wood, and placed in dwellings and outhouses, annually, on the eve of the feast of our Patroness February 1st. The following little story may account for the observance of the custom. The Saint was renowned for her charity and once acted as a nurse to a pagan chieftain. While he slept, she made a cross with some rushes from the floor (rushes were the usual floor covering in olden times). On waking the chieftain inquired her reason for forming a cross, whereupon Brigid told him the story of Calvery. The man was deeply impressed and his subsequent conversion and return to health were attributed to her prayers.
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